simon breeze

  • Artist and Illustrator
  • Somerset, UK

I'm a professional freelance artist, I studied Science Fiction and Fantasy Art at the LAC under John Byrne, and also have many years of experience creating art for several genres and working on many projects. Such as; concepts, films, comics, video games, RPG, table top games, advertising, graphic design and books. I’ve also worked for some interesting folk as well, such as Doctor Who Online, Death Squad Games, Kult Creations and Future Quake, and a whole list of amazing writers and fantastic people. So here are some of their words about my work:

“Superb Sci-Fi Imagery. What a beautiful bit of work…”

“Excellent Neo-Retro styled cover art/Poster pic. It instantly brings back memories of Sci-Fi pulp nickel novels and Amazing Tales magazines.”

“…this would make for some great cover of a science fiction novel! It has a great surreal touch in its composition and the lighting / fire / flash effects are amazingly made, as well as the posing! and a great chose of colours too!”

“I absolutely loved looking at your book. Your artwork is second to none (and I mean that). You are up there with Boris, Dean and Matthews. I’m already looking out for more…”

“This is epic!”

"I absolutely love working with Simon. He's smart, talented, creative, and a extremely responsive to all of my needs. I highly recommend him".

"Simon is the only artist that I will go to for designs, artwork, or logos. Always does outstanding work. He will work with you until you have exactly what you are looking for".

"I'm ecstatic with all of Simon's work. He keeps the lines of communication open and constantly checks with me at each phase of the process. I really enjoy his collaborative attitude. Needless to say, the quality of his work is excellent. Each product he delivers is even better than the first!"

"Simon is so incredibly talented. I can't believe I found him. He goes above and beyond to exceed my expectations. He keeps in constant communication and he delivers what he promises. He makes the customer his number 1 priority!!! I'm looking forward to working with him again".

"The best artwork I have ever bought for my business. If I wanted to change anything about any design or colors, he would simply revise each drawing I got done. It was very easy and enjoyable working with this seller. Simon is not only incredibly talented but an overall excellent human being".

"Totally awesome work! I love it. Great and very detailed communication throughout the whole process, and I would highly recommend Simon for any project".

"An amazing talent who has continually delivered above expectation. Strongly recommend you consider Simon for art that captures the essence of your work!"
"Outstanding experience. Communication - excellent; Attention to Detail - first rate; Grasp of the Scope and Vision - top of the line. The end result was exactly what we were looking for. Simon not only delivered, he over delivered. It's always the best when one can work with a Pro's Pro. Highly Recommend".


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