I've been working on a lot of character work recently for my art portfolio for collage and the style has been mostly lots of drawn artwork over inked or painted. Having not worked in this style for a while I decided for this weeks tee design to go old school and put a bit of character artwork together. This one is called Valkyrie, because, well, she is a Valkyrie ;0) 

I Illustrated this one in photoshop, and for the first time in a long time I really enjoyed the experience. I have a feeling that comes from working for myself on artwork I enjoy over working for someone else on something I kinda enjoy as I would of in the past. I think it is a confidence thing, as in being able to just get on and commit to the work as you go (this was all one layer). Where as working for others, at times, you are always working with the possibility of the dreaded re-works where hours of hard work are rubbed out, so you play it safe and illustrate over many layers. Which is never the same. Any-who, I'll prob do some more work like this soon and will also look to post some of my recent collage artwork here as well.

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2017


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