I needed a little practice on some sci-fi comic work before hitting up a large complex piece for my college work. I figured I would have another pop at a more Moebius look to my line work and colouring. I've given it a go in the past with a so-so outcome. However, that was a while ago and I've had a lot of work completed since then and I'm feeling more confident. 

I love Moebius's work, the clean lean-lines with that awesome style of shading he used are incredible, as well as the colours he would use to bring his line work to life. He is such an iconic artist, and that is before you take his creativity and imagination into account and the amazing stories he wrote and illustrated, plus the work he did in design work for movies such as the classic Alien. 

So I thought I'd start with something simple, a single, straightforward, sci-fi character.  

One of the tricky (and time consuming) things Moebius would do is use simple lines to create the work and shade the work with either dots or more simple lines. So the trick was, where I would normally just use a thicker pen and block a shadow in, for this 'lean line work' style it was to stick to the thin nib and draw lots and lots of lines to create the shadows.

Next was the colours, Moebius used an awesome selection of colours when colouring his work, and oddly I found some of them are very strong. So-much-so you find yourself questioning if you might want to tone it down a bit when you start applying it. However, once the colour starts to build it balances out and looks very cool.

If you're wondering, I drew this in Manga Studio with a custom fine ink pen for the line work and then coloured in Manga Studio again using water colours. 

As with all of my art you can find it here to buy in my Redbubble store - thank you for looking ;0)

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2017



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