Passing the Time this Sunday

It's Sunday, a time for kicking back and taking it easy, or not. I've spent most of today working on the pencil work for a painting I've been commissioned to pull together for a Dungeon and Dragons supplement. Here is the work so-far:

If you're wondering about the red box, it is a 'dead zone' so that everything out side the box will get chopped off when it is cut down for the cover. However, the full image is needed for other uses. This isn't the finished image, it still needs some work, mostly some colour. The idea is a wizard being dragged into a portal by demons, his tower in the background. 

Now, what you will note right away is there is no portal. The reason for this is I'll add this in when I add the colouring by air brushing it in then. This is just my preference as I simply find it an easier way to work, especially when it comes to adding the extra light to the scene the portal will generate. 

As usual, I've worked digitally with this drawing, most of the blocking and layout was in PhotoShop and then exported to Manga Studio to add all of the details. Then finally back into PhotoShop for some tweaks with the levels. 

I'm not a big fan of PhotoShop for anything other than image editing, I find it really counter intuitive to use since illustrating in Manga Studio for just over a year now. Not only that, Manga Studio has some awesome pencil options to draw with. For this image I used a standard pencil for the most part and a charcoal block and blend tool to bring it together. 

The next step is to get some colour added, which will be next weekend ;0) 

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2017



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