Retro Rocket Girl

Recently I've been working on several retro sci-fi styled illustrations and thought this would be a good time to have a pop at a pin-up girl riding a rocketship kind of thing. This artwork isn't really based upon anything other than this simple idea.

Line Work
Once I had the basic concept nailed and inked (using Clip Studio - also known as Manga Studio) it was time to bash on with the colouring. At fist I started to use an old school flat colour style, the sort of thing you would see in an old 50s comic. In the end I opted to go for a bit of airbrushing on the flat colours, and I'm glad that I did as it has add a nice more rounded look to the art and a nice shine to the girls kit as well. 

Coloured Artwork
This illustration is available to buy in my TeePublic store looking awesome on some nifty t-shirts and other ace bits of kit that you DO need in your life ;0)

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2017


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