Rebels Vs Jedi

It's been almost 40 years since a galaxy far, far away exploded on the big screen and warped my tiny little mind for ever.... If you're a fan of the Wars you'll already know this (maybe not the mind warping, but the exploding bit), and that it is Star Wars Celebration RIGHT NOW in Orlando. I've been keeping up with the events from here at my PC in the UK (I wish I was there - next time), and it is looking like one of, if not the best Star Wars Celebrations to date. There has been so much good stuff that has been showcased, two things that I'm posting here really stood out for me: the trailers for both Star Wars Rebels Season 4 and Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. The odd things is that one of these trailers really hit me in a good place, much more than the other. That's not to say both didn't rock my world, just one really gave me a good warm glow and an emotional 'click' more so than the other.

The trailer for the Last Jedi is awesome! I watched it live (twice) online as it played out for the world in Orlando. Then watched it a few more times for good measure. Here it is:

What a trailer, I'd book my tickets right now if I could. It sent a shiver down my spine and put a smile on my face and lobbed just enough out there to get my brain rocketing in to overdrive about how things are going to play out for everyone. I did have two niggles though. The AT-AT scene with the Rebel Speeders smacked a little bit too much like a hat tip to The Empire Strikes Back, and The Force Awakens had a lot of hat tipping all-round. Not a problem though, I'm just wanting this next chapter to make it's own iconic moments and not lean too much on the past. The other thing that crossed my mind is the volume of main characters. To my count we're looking at least fifteen - yep, fifteen characters we're following. Here is a quick list (and is also, I might add, assumed from what I've seen so far) and their assumed 'adventure group' (sorry, too much Imperial Assault. What am I saying, you can never play too much Imperial Assault):

Hero Group One
Poe, Finn, BB-8 and Rose (How cool does Rose look by the way)

Hero Group Two
Rey, Chewbacca, R2-D2 and Luke 

Hero Group Three
Leia and C-3PO

Villain Group One
Kylo and Snoke 

Villain Group Two
Hux and Phasma

Scum Group One
Vicrum Fett 

So, I've broken these guys down into groups that they are most likely to be kicking about the film in having adventures to keep a simple track of possible journeys. That is FIFTEEN characters to tell a compelling story about playing out across, at a guess, SIX different journeys. Compare that to Empire, for example, where there is also a clear 'split' in who we follow as the viewer:

Hero Group One
Luke, R2-D2 and Yoda

Hero Group Two
Han, Leia, C-3PO and Chewbacca

Villain Group One
Darth Vader

With Empire, that's eight characters across three 'adventure groups'. This is just an observation, it might be wayyyyyyyy off base. I also get that this film is going to be a massive handover from the old to the new. I am also 100% that it is going to be awesome and I can't wait to see how it all works out. In fact, the more I learn about The Last Jedi, even in these early days, the more I'm convinced the Last Jedi is going to be one of the best Star Wars movies to date. However, the award for best trailer goes to Star Wars Rebels, Season Four (and also the last season too boot). Here it is:


WOW! Just, WOW! I really don't know where to start. This trailer hit me like a sack of bricks (in a good way). When Hera says that iconic line at the end it was like Han and Chewbacca in the Force Awakens trailer with the whole 'We're home...' bit. I'm a huge fan of Rebels, I know there are a few guys out there who are all 'Well, it's a cartoon for kids..'. Well, you're missing out guys! Animation is an art form, and Star Wars Rebels kicks this up into a whole new realm. Set your (ill) preconceived thoughts about animation aside and give this show a go - fan of the Wars or not. I wont lie, there are a few miss episodes, it's going to happen. For the whole, this is the TV show I dreamed about as kid as I read my Star Wars comics waiting for the next Star Wars film to come out. Taking all that on board, knowing that this is the last season and that it is planned to end on the door step of Rogue One (a mind blowing most awesome Star Wars movie) and that Asoka LIVES (Sorry, spoiler). This trailer just hit me with its tone and what it implies. I think it's going to get dark and take on more of a Rogue One vibe as it makes that final bridge from Episodes I-III to the original trilogy, and it is ging to be EPIC!

I've said this once already this year, it is going to be an awesome year for movies and TV, and the Wars is going to be one of those huge highlights. 


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