T-Shirt Friday!

Another busy week has been and gone, of which you can follow all of my shenanigans from on Instagram or Twitter or both. I do have a few blog posts planned, however in a very nice way I'm very much stacked out with work and looming deadlines, and so will have to fit them in as and when. 

So, without anymore rambles, here is this weeks t-shirt hot off of the PC, Rogue 1:

This one popped into my head just a few days ago and is inspired by the up coming Star Wars film by the same name. The simple premise is to hide the word Rouge inside the number '1' and also make it look like it is apart of the black wing markings that you find on the Rogue One X-Wings. Why did I do this? Well, hopefully in a cool way it represents the uber-covert nature of the Rogue One unit that is created in the new film.

This t-shirt, along with loads of other designs, is available in two different designs from both my Redbubble store and TeePublic store, and if you're quick TeePublic are having a sale right now so you'll be able to pick up this design for only a few bucks - you're welcome!

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2016 



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