Bristol Comic Expo 2016

Well, normally for me today (Friday) is t-shirt Friday, and if I can get the artwork finished before midnight tonight it still will be ;0) However, today has been full of fun and COMICS! 

Yes, tomorrow see a most awesome event taking place, Bristol Comic Expo! And today has been spent mostly getting everything ready for the big day. Modern printers are awesome, but they do not always go fast - though they do print some lovely quality images. 

I will be there tomorrow, I will be the one hidden behind a stack of art prints (see the above photos) and giggling like a child high on Haribo, Dr Pepper and comic print having a great time. If you can't make it, I will be posting on Instagram throughout the day so you wont miss out to much. You can follow this HERE

If you are lucky enough to be going, I will see you there and don't forget to say hello!



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