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In my hectic scheduled over the last few weeks I've only managed to squish in a few games of X-Wing and not much else, sadly I also had to miss out on a huge game of epic as well - which makes me a sad panda :0(

 On the bright side I think I have a Ghost build that kicks butt and a very fluffy build for a wing of X-Wing, which is what I'm about to share here today.

First off the Ghost. Oh-boy, the Ghost. I so want this ship to be awesome, it has taken a lot of beatings and head scratching to get it there and I still don't think it is there yet. However, running the Ghost along with the Outrider in the following build worked a treat:

This list works really well, and here is why:

You use the Outrider to single out and pick off ships whilst the Ghost takes the hits and runs right at them from the front unloading it's massive 4-5 die attacks. The key is to not let Dash in the Outrider get ahead of the Ghost. If you do, as proven in a game, he will get picked off and the Ghost will then get a bunch of small ships attacking it from the rear where it can do little damage.

So, the Ghost. How this build of the Ghost works is very simple, the Dorsal Turret is to protect the Ghost from those small ships that sneak around your firing arc and that is about it. It is my fav turret option, however the range is limited. The rest of the build is about getting the Ghost up close and and hitting ships with its range one five die attack, if planned right, with a Focus action and a re-generating double Target Lock giving you some re-rolling and flexibility of targets. This all comes about from the combo of Zeb, allowing you to attack a ship you are in contact with and the Weapons Engineer and Fire Control. If all works and you get a good role in, you can take out a small ship in one round of shooting, or even cause some serious damage to a large ship.

Now Dash in the Outrider is a whole new ball game. With this build he is in a nutshell a massive TIE Interceptor, being able to make a Barrel Role and/or Boost Action in the same round, or take any other two actions with the combo of Push the Limit and Kanan (who clears the stress if a Green maneuver doesn't next round). This makes Dash in the Outrider an arc dodging dollop of awesomeness. Not only that, normally you see the Outrider build with a Heavy Laser Cannon. However, to keep the points cost down a bit to fit the Ghost build in the list, I went for a Mangler Cannon. Which, a Crit hit conversion for any normal hit is just epic. Using a double action combo of Focus and Target Lock and then the 360 degree shooting arc with the Mangler Cannon delivered some nasty shooting, especially to small ships where one or two Crits can be very problematic.  

The next build is my fluffy one, and I must state upfront I have only used this list once and I lost, but it is a good one and I did have my opponent on the ropes and frustrated for most of the game. Not bad considering I was up against the faster, more mobile and extra protected T-70s! What am I talking about? A wing of T-65 X-Wings piloted by Luke, Wedge and Biggs!

How this build came about was from a desire to want to use these three legends together in a list - sadly they don't seem to work that well together at first glance. This set me to task, and I came up with the following build:

I must admit, when I first looked at the pilot cards I couldn't see how these guys would gel with one another. 

Then it clicked that point is how you build the wing and run it. Play each one to it's strengths and fly them in a tight formation using each one as an individual ganging up on a ship at a time. And, in the one game I have played this list in, for the most part, it works really well. 

Luke is built to always shoot first, be as slippy as possible when it comes to being shot at and has the extra shield to add some more protection. On a side note, once I pick up another Integrated Astromech card I may have a re-visit to Luke Astromech and Upgrade. I must admit I am very happy with the build though so may not change it. 

Biggs is all about taking the fall for the guys, taking away Luke or Wedge as targets and soaking up the damage for them, which is where R2-D2 comes in with his shield re-generating ability. 

And that is how Wedge rolls a range one attack!

Wedge is all about the shooting, give him a Focus action, have him grab a Target Lock if you can and use these along with Predator and his ability to reduce the targets agility by one to cause some big damage. Adding in the R5 Astromech to re-gen his shields with unspent Focus is just the cherry on the cake. 

Where this list broke was when I made some bad maneuvering and the formation went out of the window for a few rounds. This took Biggs away and left Luke and Wedge exposed to some heavy shooting, which they weathered well, but by the time the three guys were back together and in formation the nipper T-70s had done the damage to take out Luke and Biggs. However, Wedge proved a nightmare to get rid of and stayed in for the whole game! 

All-in-all, very happy with both of these builds and will be using them again very soon.


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