T-Shirt Friday!

WOW! Has it been a whole week already? It's been a busy one, and no mistake. If all goes to plan I'll have some art, comic and gaming nonsense posted very soon. On to the t-shirt for this week. I had two designs I really wanted to get done, and as time is against me this week I went for the one that was going to be a little quicker to put together as it didn't involve any painting, just drawing and some colouring. Here we go then, Ludi Gladiatorium:

Having said that this design was a little quicker to put together is making it sound like a quick doodle and some Photoshop - I wish! The drawing of Spartacus took longer than anticipated, although was very enjoyable to do. And that squiggly Greek/Roman boarder...... well. Let's just leave it at that. 

I thought I'd keep this design simple as it is meant to represent a sports tee, the sort of thing you'd be wearing if you were on the team - so to speak. Not that I think I would want to be on this team, all things considered. Which brings me to one of my favorite quotes of all time, that I have bellowed in fun and frustration ever since the wonderful turn of phrase entered my life:

'Once again, the gods spreads the cheeks and ram cock in f*$*%$g ass!'  - Quintus Lentulus Batiatus

A thing of beauty, and only to be used for special moments when your frustrations in life have pushed you to that special place ;0) 

You can pick up a t-shirt, sticker or a whole bunch of other bits of apparel in both my TeePublic and Redbubble stores - including this spanking design.  

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2016


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