T-Shirt Friday!

What a bonkers day today has been. Anyway, I have four new tees now available in both my TeePublic and Redbubble stores, and here they are:

This first one is called Halfling Inside and is to replace my Hobbit Inside t-shirt that I had to remove form my stores. Why? Well, as it turns out, Warner Bros. own the copy right on the word Hobbit. It is one of those ones that you know or you don't and I didn't until I got a firm, but polite, email about it. Not my first, and I'm sure it's not going to be my last one either. On this note, I don't ever intent to 'borrow' from copy righted or trade marked material, sometime though you just get caught out to know you trodden on someones toes. You'd be surprised what is protected by copy right and trade marks, it can be a bit of a mine field at times. Oddly, I did design the t-shirt as Halfling at first, but I like the sound of Hobbit a bit better and changed it! 

Next is Pirate Inside. This one popped into my head whilst I was re-making the design for the Hobbit tee into the Halfling tee. Must admit, I really like this one, always had a soft spot for pirates. I think it's because I'm Cornish. 

The next t-shirt is of a character I'm using for a comic page sample, I needed to draw up the character before I draw the panels. I liked it so much I thought I'd turn it into a retro sci-fi tee design called Rocket Queen:

The final design is the original design I had in mind for today, and is called Orc Powered:

I love orcs and this was a good excuse to draw one. If you follow me on Instagram (here) you can see this image progress throughout the process from the 'blues' through inking, to colouring, to t-shirt print design. Yep, I coloured it. However, the original idea was to have the image as the above - a white negative on black background - I just thought it would be fun and good practice to colour the image.

Talking of orcs, here is an interesting thought to end on, keeping in mind my incident with the word Hobbit. Games Work shop's Warhammer 40,000 Orks are 'inspired' by the Green Martians from the John Carter series of books and comics. They are almost identical apart from the WH40k Orks have two arms, and the Martian Green Men have four arms. Other than that, looks, personality, culture, etc are all the same. Even the fact that the Orks in the WH40k universe come from plants matches the Green Men of Mars who also come from plants in their evolution.....

More art soon, and if all goes to plan some gaming and comic stuff as well!

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2016


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