T-Shirt Friday!

Hello, again another week seems to have rocketed by. However, even though it involved some juggling this week, here is today's new tee design for my TeePublic and Redbubble stores - Dakka-Dakka-Dakka:

This was a simple concept that afforded me an opertunity to work with some new colouring styles and techniques. Something I have struggled with is getting a colouring style for my comic art that I like, and I think with this recent drawing I'm on the right track. Having ditched Photoshop in favor of Manga Studio for my comic illustrations has been a really great move, and one of the many things this has helped with has been colouring. 

The above image is coloured with digital water colours, which are so ace to use and give me the colours and blends that Photoshop wasn't - it's not just circles that Photoshop can't do, it's also 'wet' paint. So, one of the cool things Manga Studio allows for is 'wet' paint. This means that the colour you apply when using paint acts as if it is wet, allowing you to blend and mix colours really organically - which I like. Manga Studio will also support Oils as well as Water colours which I'm looking forward to giving a blast some time soon.

Any-who, time to get back to work. The above image, along with many others I have worked on are available form both my TeePublic and Redbubble shops.

If all goes to plan I will make some time this weekend for a catch post of the last few weeks! 

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2016      


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