The Huntress

One of my side projects is working on my 'comic' styled artwork, also known as line art, and recently picking up a copy of Manga Studio has helped this progress a lot. I've started picking out random characters and drawing them in line art, one of the first is The Huntress from DC:

This first attempt didn't come together as well as I was hoping. I must admit, I got more than a little carried away with the inking with this one, the image is far to dark. To help with this I've also started drawing a sketch or two a day of toon styled art. This is helping with keeping the inking down a bit. You can find these images posted most days on my Instagram page.

Not only did I go a bit bonkers with the inking, the pose is a little off as well. You'll have to trust me on this one, Huntress is all correct in her proportions for her body, however, due to her pose she is looking a little long in the body. This is due to the lean of her chest, the size of her boobage and the short appearance of her legs due to her stance. So I had another go:

In a much happier place with this one. In fact, not to shabby if I say-so-myself. As you can see, with this rendering I've changed the pose slightly to show off Huntress's long legs and open up her body some more and I've defo cut back on the heavy inking. 

Any-who, enough chat, back to work! 

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2016


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