The Empire Strikes Back - Sort Of....

What a busy week this is turning into and no mistake! I have hardly had any free time at all, and what I did have I like to think I invested wisely in an evening of gaming (more on that at the weekend). Other than that, it has been wall-to-wall work. Which is a good thing I guess. Any-who, here is some of the artwork form this busy week. Both are comic styled and from the awesome Star Wars:

Both pieces were great fun to work on, even if Darth Vader was a little bit of a pain when it came to the inking. As you can see with both I'm rounding my comic style into a more retro feel with the heavy line work, not too over the top detailing and simple flat or at most three levels of cell shading for the colour. I am really enjoying working in comic art style again using line art and simple colouring, it has been more years than I can count since I've worked like this and I've missed it dearly. This shift in art has all been possible because of Manga Studio, I can't praise this software enough and what a huge (positive) impact it has had on my work.

Right, back to it. I've got a lot to be getting on with! 

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2016


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