Trek Vs Wars - Spaceships

I've never got the whole 'Trek Vs Wars' thing. It's an odd concept to me, I've even been put on the spot at expos and cons to pick which of the two franchises is the best, the implied by the guys asking is which ever one I pick therefore means that the other sucks. It's a weird one, as Star Wars is clearly Fantasy and Star Trek is Science Fiction, and both are tackling different concepts. Star Wars looks to define the universe as black and white where its inhabitants follow a predetermine destiny using myths and legends as the building blocks of the story. While Star Trek is a grey universe about forging your own destiny that looks to reflect and explore issues from our current society in a future science fiction setting. Either way, I'm the winner-winner chicken dinner as I love both and feel no obligation to side with one or the other. Rant over, here's some Trek and Wars art:

The first image is a Star Wars themed one and is called Red Leader:

The concept for this painting is to focus on the astromech and also have some cool spaceships flying around, whilst keeping it dynamic. This second image is a Star Trek one (see, this is where the title and rant came from) and is called Revenge:

I love the Wrath of Khan, it is a classic science fiction move, let alone a classic Star Trek move to boot. This rendering is inspired by the cat and mouse battle that the Enterprise has with the Reliant when Khan springs his trap. 

With both paintings I wanted a dynamic look with strong colours and a sense of action. Hopefully this is what I've achieved. 

That's it for the spaceships for a while. I'm now working on two fantasy paintings and some comic art which I hope to be posting here soon. 

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2016


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