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I have had a very busy few weeks again and only managed to squeeze in a few games, all of them X-Wing (it is such a quick and easy game to set up and play, and so it really fits in with my hectic life at the moment. Not only that, it is an awesome game, and it almost goes without saying, it is Star Wars as well!). The first was taking part in a tournament arranged and played by my regular gaming group. This was a really great way to spend a Sunday, and also a great way to catch up with everyone.

I didn't win, however I did a lot better than I did in my last organised tournament hitting about mid table once the results were in - which is about where I would normally expect to land. 

This time I played with an aggressive list of three T-70 X-Wing fighters, built in the following 'Red Squadron';

The concept with Red Squadron is to stay in a tight formation and attempt to draw the opponent into the asteroids, then using the (unless an Imperial TIE Ace list) your superior mobility to get in to a good position and use over lapping firing arcs to single out enemy ships and blast them off the table. 

This is where the synergy of the three pilots comes together, with Ello Asty's ability to pull very tight turns and 'box-in' a small ship whilst, if done correctly, keeping out of their firing arc. Poe is just and animal and needs no explanation, and Red Vet. is what he is. To give the ships a low cost boost to their endurance, knowing I would be facing some large ships with high shield and hull count, I added the upgrades of Integrated Astromechs and gave Poe a shield recovering Astromech that synergies with his pilot skill very well. 

Throughout all my games, they were all very close, one of my issues I had, which in at least one game would have made a huge impact, was that I kept forgetting the Integrated Astromechs and was dropping fighters off of the table a turn or two before I should have done. For anyone who has played X-Wing, you will know what a difference in a dogfight having three ships over two can give you with extra shooting and extra targets for your opponent to have to worry about. 

The last game we played on the day was a one-off 'Highlander', named so as '..there can be only one...' the concept being that you only have one ship each (small base only to a max of 40pts) and it is a free for all, the last ship standing wins.

The Highlander game was very good fun, and a little chaotic at times - but that just added to the fun. There were alliances made and broken from turn to turn, friends becoming enemies in the role of a dice, however, in the end, there could be only one, and it wasn't me! Happy with my performance though as I caused a big chunk of damage to one or two ships and only lost one shield for my troubles -  the game went to points due to being out of time. 

Here is the single ship build I went for: 

The concept was to maintain maneuverability, max fire power and max 'tanking' ability. And this build hit all of those boxes.  

The synergy of the build is that Ten Numb uses the Mangler Cannon, one hit always becoming a crit, Ten Numb's pilot skill means that a single crit cannot be cancelled. So, in other words; if you hit something, it always takes damage, and in the case of taking hull damage it will be face-up (which is bad).

Using the Crew Upgrade and taking Hera means you don't need to worry about stress, and the same goes for the Wired Elite Skill, which negates the need for actions such as Focus. This frees your ship up to pull any maneuver you like.   

Finally, the B-Wing is a tank with six shields and three hull points - it is going to take some shooting to take it out. 

That was it for the tournament, had a great day and plans are in motion for another one very soon. I had two further games of X-Wing in the week, the first was a very close one indeed. I used my two B-Wing, two X-Wing build to take on the evil Empire and had a very hard time of it.

  This was a very close game, as already stated, I just couldn't keep the formation and get it into a place where I could get a series of clean shots in. I spent the first few turns being chased around the mat! I then decided to break formation - paid for it immediately with the loss of one of my X-Wings (Biggs), however recovered to get some shooting in. 

The game then played very 'tight' until the timer hit zero. The victory going to me with a 5pts modified win. To be honest, it was so close, I have no idea where this game would have gone if it had played to conclusion.    

Here is the squad build I used:

The second game was a test run for a new build for my Ghost:

The concept with this list is to play very aggressively, and in this game it worked.

In a nutshell, the A-Wing, which has to be one of the fastest ships out there (A green speed five maneuver!) is there to be a pain for your opponent by getting in the way or being a nice target to shoot at, whilst add a little bit more gun fire to squadron if you need it.

The B-Wing uses the same build that I used in my Highlander game, and the logic behind it is the same here.

The Ghost, however, is your main ship and you need to throw it around like a club! The synergy with the upgrades, crew and pilot are designed to just smash things and get in their way. Using Chopper and Zeb as pilot and crew means that you can end the activation phase touching bases with another ship and still shoot at them, and give them some Stress for their troubles. Not only this, with the Fire Control up grade and Weapons Engineer crew, once you have hit something, you then have two regenerating target locks that you don't need to spend an action to place. Throw in a Dorsal Turret for a 360 degree shooting arc when you need it and you're good to go.

The above Attack Dice are an average example of the Ghost's attacks using the above build. How it works is this, and you need to get it in the right order or it wont work. Use the other two fighters to herd your opponents ships to a place where you can be pretty sure where they will end up. Then use the Ghost to fly into that space, it's a big ship, so you can be sure you'll get landed on by something. Take a Focus action and wait. 

Once your opponent has 'touched base' with it means that they can take no action, and you get to shoot it with your five dice primary attack if you can, if not go for the three dice from the turret. Then use the Target Lock to re-roll any non-hits (leave the Focus results), then apply Focus to the final rolled results if needed. Hence the two crits, three hits result in the above picture - frequently!

What happens next is if the opponent's ship is still going, the Ghost gets to Target Lock it again, and the ship takes a Stress. Just repeat until everyone is dead Dave...

This build worked very well, and I'm looking forward to using it again to see if it works twice.

That's it for this weeks gaming!


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