Super Invasion

Part of my portfolio update plan is to add some character artwork to the collection. Today, for a break from illustrating gaming/trading cards, I decided to illustrate a couple of comic book characters. I also used this as an opportunity to 'tune' my colouring technique.

This first one is of Marvel's Magneto from the X-Men:

This rendering came together not to bad in the end. I had to re-colour the image three time to get the bright colours that I wanted - the first step in the direction I want to take my colouring.

Next, Psylocke, who is also from Marvel's X-Men:

This illustration came together much quicker than the Magneto rendering. Not only that, the colouring was bang on track for the style that I'm aiming for. This led to a third and final character illustration of the Skrull Queen, oddly also from Marvel:

Very happy with this one and very much so with the colouring. So, if you haven't guessed, the theme I'm aiming for with my colouring is bright, strong colours. Why is this? Well, when it comes to my art I am very much inspired by comic art and classic 80s sci-fi and fantasy art. All of which is very brightly coloured. Over the last few years the colour tone of my art has become more muted and darker, and when you have a look around the internet it seems to be a modern trend, and so I have decided to take a step or two back and embrace the brighter side of things.

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2016


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