This weeks artwork is mostly focused on spaceship art, and I must admit, ever since I watched the Lego Movie with my daughter, I've not been able to say spaceship without 80's Lego man shouting it manically in my head. Anyway, on with the art. The first painting is inspired by a Star Trek Borg Cube:

I'm very-very happy with how this image came together and how the final rendering looks. Next, a Star Wars inspired piece called A-Wing

For this image I wanted to add a sense of speed and movement, the A-Wing is a small and 'nippy' fighter, and so I decided to add in Boba Fett chasing in Slave 1 and illustrate the A-Wing banking to dodge a volley of blaster fire. Hopefully, this has given the sense of urgency and therefore a feel of speed and movement. Next is another Star Wars inspired rendering featuring a TIE Interceptor and a YT-1300:

I had a panic just as I finished this image and the point of no return was well behind me - does the TIE Interceptor use blasters mounted on the front or wings? Cos you know that someone will point this out if it is a mistake. However, a bit of research, and it turns out that a TIE Interceptor has TEN blasters! Four on the tips of each wing, four more mounted in the wings and a further two mounted on the hull - disaster and massive re-work avoided! 

With all three paintings I have kept to using stronger colours and heavy focus on the subject as per my style shift recently, and so far it seems to be working.

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2016


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