Live Long and Suck it!

A bit of a busy morning today while I catch up from a weekend away and get some t-shirt designs finished up. The first one is inspired by a very cool TV show that I've recently started to get into called Colony, this design is called I Am Geronimo:

If you watch the show this design makes a lot of sense, if not, think of a modern spin on the TV show V and Geronimo is the resistance's 'Spartacus'. 

The next design is also inspired by a TV show, in fact a few. This one is called, Live Long and Suck IT!

This design is clearly inspired by Star Trek, however it is also inspired by an awesome line Wil Wheaton has in the TV show The Big Bang Theory. Wil is at a showing of a Star Wars movie 'representing' Star Trek and is receiving a lot of abuse from the Star Wars fans. So, he tells the Star Wars fans to, '...Live long and suck it....!' to silence the abuse - which works to a degree. So I took this idea a step further and introduced the Vulcan hand reversed in a 'flipping the bird' type gesture. I'll be honest, I love both franchises and really don't get the Star Wars Vs Star Trek thing - it really does go over my head. But, I love the idea of this t-shirt design.

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2016  


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