Drinks, Cyborgs and Doctors

Due to some illness in the family, and for a change not the mental kind. I've had a busy few days of juggling sick kids and wife with work (so far I am untouched by the plague) - all the fun of working for yourself and from home! However, I have managed to jam in a load of art, I've just had no time until now to post about it.

I have only managed one painting over the last few days, this one, inspired by Doctor Who (the 9th Doctor and Rose along with some Daleks) and is called Skaro:

I'm very happy with this one, it strays close in style to Frank Frazetta's work - this was not on purpose, just a result of playing about with colours and character posing. To be honest, I'm never going to complain about any of my work looking similar in style to Frazetta's - the guy is a legend and dearly missed hero to me. 

The rest of my time (when drawing) has been spent working on several new designs for t-shirts and a few other things for my Redbuble shop.

The first is a t-shirt I'm in two minds about, I like it, but is not how I saw it in my head. 

This one is called Robot Endoskeleton and is inspired by the Terminator franchise. I decided to illustrate the artwork for the design as cell coloured 'comic' art, and I think this is where I am hug-up. I do like the design very much, I'm not sure if the art style is what 'I' want though. So I have made the design available, as I do think it is very cool. However, I think in the future I may have a go at a more realistic looking design.

Next is Star Wars inspired design, and I LOVE this one, Order 66:

This design popped into my head a while ago (luckily I write down all my ideas otherwise I would forget them. Currently I have over 200 designs to get illustrated for my Redbubble shop!). This one hits all the right spots for me, it's bright and colourful, simple and so nerdy you'll ether get it or have not a clue - which if perfect for a design of this nature. Once I finished illustrating this design, I suddenly had another idea for a similar one, 1st Order:

Admittedly, it doesn't work as well as a concept as the Order 66 design. However, that doesn't take away from how cool the design is and how striking it looks.

Finally, and these took some work to get put together, Captains Drink....

These designs only come on mugs and travel mugs and are clearly inspired by the Star Trek franchise and LCARS computer system. I got the idea watch an episode of Next Generation and it spiraled from there. This was a lot of effort for me as I'm not used to creating something that looks like LCARS - it did almost break me at one point, Photoshop does not like doing curves - you really need Illustrator for that one. Now I just want to see someone drinking Romulan Ale from a mug. I'm defo getting a Coffee and Earl Grey one for myself as well.

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2016



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