Three Weeks of Gaming Night

I've had a bit of a mad few weeks, and although I've been keeping up with my gaming activities, I haven't posted any updates over this time. So here is a huge dump of highlights, thoughts and nonsense from the last few weeks of gaming....

First off, Dungeon Saga

The group hit the steep part of the questing curve with our latest quest in the realm of Dungeon Saga with our most recent adventure.

Trolls, it had to be trolls!

This quest seemed pretty simple, find the way out. Sadly the DM (Dungeon Master) and his minions had other plans. Not only had they hidden the exit and we need to find it (the exit was randomly generated at one of four locations, decided by a dice roll once a hero opened the door at that location) but the dice were also against the group as well. To add to the injury, the DM for this game was particularly cunning (We rotate the role of DM around the group each game). 

A new adventure begins.
In the end, I would like to say we were close, in fact at one point I believe we might have been. However, the poor luck of the heroes and well thought out plans of the DM put an end to our group and defeated them in their tracks before the quest could be completed, the time to find the exit running out. As bitter as our first defeat felt, it was for the most part due to the awesome skills and cunning of the DM that I have to take my hat off to - well played evil overlord, we'll get you next time...

It's okay, I don't think you smell that bad....
As always, there has been a lot of X-Wing being played by the group. So much that just over the last few weeks I've lost track of the games and of everything that has happened. However, here are the fun bits that spring to mind from looking through the photos I snapped:

The Falcon, out numbered and out gunned, but still the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy!   
The 'Golden-Rod' Falcon - This is a build that I have come up with for the Falcon that involves the use of the C-3P0 card. 

This is how you roll attack dice.
This, along with the Falcon title, Chewbacca as the pilot given the Elusive elite skill, a hull upgrade and Luke Skywalker as gunner-crew has miffed more than one person I've played this build against. 

A Stress free B-Wing 
In a nutshell it makes the Falcon a real tough nut to crack as you have to work real hard to pin it down and actually hit it, and then you can't give it any face up damage cards (unless it is a pilot or elite skill of the attackers) adding Luke gunning it is pretty much always scoring hits when attacking as well. Using this build for the first time it was the closest I've seen to a table flip in frustration from an opponent in the group for ages.  

This is also how you roll evade dice!
There has been some weird movements in the Force recently where dice rolls have defied the odds - consistently! There seems to be some Dark Side meddling going on for sure as there has been a lot of over the odds successful dice results Vs some painful below-par dice results. 

Scum closing in on the elusive Falcon.
 For example, five blank results rolled when evading Vs two hit and two crit hits (four hits in total) in one set of dice rolling. Which I've seen once or twice, however, this was happening turn after turn. So as a group we have isolated the awesome dice and are looking to breed them... As for the 'faulty' dice, they have been taken away for 're-training'. 

Do-do-do, come on and do the conga....
 Rushing a list together at the start of a game I had an urge to play with a pair of B-Wing heavy fighters. In doing so I stumbled along a build that gave the B-Wing the ability to tank Stress, use that Stress as Focus and not worry about ever having to lose the Stress. 

That chipped the paint work!
 This basically turned it into a slow, but powerful gunning platform - which was ace! Especially when your opponent decided to get in a head-to-head shootout using TIEs, to their credit, I have had some poor luck in the past with the B-Wings. However, this was just an evil build!  

I'm sure I had some wing-men a moment ago....
 I've also expanded my fleet recently with two more A-Wing fighters (taking my total to three) and the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels - which is awesome, if only I could figure out how to use it.

Battle above Bespin.
 Generally X-Wing is still going down a storm with the gaming group I'm a member of, and I don't see this changing for the foreseeable future. So-much-so that, along with another member of the group, at the end of April I will be taking part in an X-Wing tournament. This is an interesting step, as less than a year ago when I was playing Warhammer 40,000 as my main gaming fix, I would never have even considered entering a tournament. Which tells you two things, one how much fun X-Wing is and how the X-Wing gamers interact, and two how broken Warhammer 40,000 has become and how the Warhammer 40,000 gamers interact.   
Boba attempts to see off a Rebel Assault. 

Finally, we had a change a pace recently when a group of us decided to lose two days of our lives playing Risk. Not any run-of-the-mill Risk mid you. But Game of Thrones edition Risk - the full edition.

One of the two maps you can play across

Risk is a fun game, however add the Game of Thrones theme in the mix and a few tweaks and additions to the rules to give it that 'Game of Thrones' flavor, and you've got something awesome. 

You know nothing John Snow....
 Using a mix of battling, cunning and characters each faction battled it out over two days with the game swing from one faction to another and back again throughout. It was bonkers! 

A player 'dashboard'
In the end, House Stark came out on top by sweeping down from the North using a mix of Pirate powered attacks and well timed invasions to take the victory points to win. The game is really great fun, lots of quotes being fired about from the TV show whilst playing, and some fun to very serious moments throughout as domination of the lands would flip, sometimes from one turn to the next, from one house to another - I highly recommend this game to any fans of the show and board gaming. 

That is it for the last week or so, now back on with the artwork and the odd game in between! 


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