Off World and Rogue

Continuing on with the re-working of my art portfolio, here is the newly finished third science fiction styled book cover sample from the five I have planned. This one is called, Off World:

For this cover I wanted that awesome generic 'lone space marine' vibe, which I think I've hit. 

When I was pulling this one together I wanted a face that the reader would pause and have a think about. So, I decided to go for the classic action hero, Clint Eastwood.

I'm not a big fan of using a likeness, basically as everyone will have an opinion of how well you did it. 

However, I believe this one came out alright in the end.

On a different topic, something to get all excited about and watch and debate endlessly for the next eight months, the Star Wars Rogue One teaser trailer dropped. To say I squealed like a little girl when I watched it, and then repeated this over the three further views would be an understatement. Can't wait to watch this film, very brave of Disney to not only make a spin-off movie of the Star Wars franchise. But, to not base it on any of the established characters from the series, and not use any Jedi as the focus - just so out of left field for Star Wars it's going to be awesome, I have a really good feel about the film already. 

Have a watch:



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