Gaming Round Up

The last few gaming nights have been spent playing old classics and trying out some new stuff. In addition to this, along with a good friend who is also member of the group I game with, I took part in the B.I.G. X-Wing Spring Kit Tournament - my first X-Wing tournament.

First off, a revisit to an old game from my childhood - HeroQuest! 

Due the ever shifting sands of life, especially the big sandstorm I am now coming out of the other side of along with many of my friends and colleagues, gaming nights have become a bit scattered and less frequent. One of the regular games this has impact while the new norm settles in is the on going quest with Dungeon Saga. So, those of us who could make it decided to play something else so as not to disrupt the adventure. The game we went for is a classic, MB/Games Workshop's: HeroQuest.

I haven't played HeroQuest in what seemed a lifetime, and you know what? It is still to this day the awesome game that it was all those years ago - my glasses were not rose tinted. Why MB or GW have not re-made this game in the ever growing market that is board games and tabletop gaming is beyond me. There must be a good reason, I guess I'm just not seeing it. 

We decided to play the introduction mission, a simple quest using all four heroes with the objective of finding your way out of the first dungeon. 

As the game got going, I remembered what an a really fun and simple game this was to play. I could show this game to one of my kids, give them a run through and they would be off. That for me, along with compelling and well thought out quests with easy to relate to heroes and villains is what lays at the heart of making HeroQuest a classic dungeon crawling game. 

The evening was really good fun, and a victory for the heroes! I can say without doubt that HeroQuest will be getting more then one outing over the coming months.

Next is a new game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe called Warhammer 40,000 Conquest.

Warhammer 40,000 Conquest (to be called WH40k Conquest from now on) is made by Fantasy Flight Games, and is basically brilliant! 

I stumbled upon WH40k Conquest looking for an alternative to WH40k (the GW tabletop miniatures game). Now, I don't usually go for card games due to the random nature of how you gather cards for deck building. However, FF (Fantasy Flight) got this covered with their 'Living Card Game' rules. Look them up, they are awesome and take all of the randomness out of how you get cards to build your deck with. 

So why a card game instead of the miniatures game? Well, there is a post all to itself, as a group of gamer's we have all to lesser or greater degrees become disillusioned with GW's WH40k. However, loving the characters and the universe we still needed a WH40k gaming fix. Surprisingly, WH40k Conquest scratches that itch.

The principles of the game are simple, there are a bunch of planets your faction is battling to control against another opponent's faction - that's it.

    I have played a few games of WH40k Conquest now, and I am really enjoying it. It has been said more than once, how is it that FF can make a game that get's GW's IP better than GW do? Not only that, as with all FF games, make such a solid and well presented game.

I am very much looking forward to getting more games of WH40k Conquest in, and have already started working on building a Chaos deck focused on Khorne and Nurgle. I really recommend this game to fans of the WH40k universe and/or card games - you reaaly cant go wrong with it. 

Now on to a regular feature of my current gaming - X-Wing!

I've not played much X-Wing the last few weeks. Not by choice, more by the aforementioned chaos that the group is now coming to the other side of. This is bad for two reasons, one: It's an awesome game, and two: I had a tournament to play in this weekend just gone. 

The tournament was the B.I.G. (Bristol Independent  Gaming) Spring Kit. Five games throughout the day, the two best players to face each other in the final game. To be honest, I got murdered! I didn't come last, but not far off. I put this down to some very stiff competition and a list that I should have play tested before the day. The list I used was:

  This list was designed to run the Falcon as a 'tank' with Poe being the shooty/darting around pain. What this list lacked, which I would have picked up on playing just one test game, is that it has no real 'punch'.

Individually, each ship did their job really well. The Falcon using the Lando and C-3PO crew and Falcon title meant that it was generating at least two Evade actions a turn and on a good one, two Evade actions and two Focus actions. The Falcon performed brilliantly, it was a pain to hit and it took a lot to take it out. Where it fell down was only having three to four attack dice once per turn. This meant that if two of more ships ganged up on her, they would just keep chipping away until the final big bang as the hull went.

Poe, being a known pain in the bum by the competitive players became target number one. In almost every game he became a magnet for a mass of blaster fire and there was little he could do about it. The BB-8, three action build worked amazingly, the T-70 darting around and pulling some amazing maneuvering and racking up a few solid hits. Again, on his own, the Falcon not really able to offer much support with the lack of neck breaking maneuvering that Poe has, left Poe out and alone, and by this a nice target for a group of TIEs to ping off of the table.

I got a lot out of taking part in the tournament, and not just the limited edition Veteran Instincts card I picked up for taking part, I learnt how not to build a list for a competitive environment, and by the same token how to build a list for a competitive environment, I met some really great guys, had an awesome day and picked up a few tricks and tips as well. 

The above photo sums up very well how all of my games ended, the Falcon being hunted down and shot to bits by two-three ships!

I cannot stress enough that anyone who enjoys playing games, like X-Wing for example, and plays them regularly enough to consider themselves a 'gamer' needs to take part in organised tournaments, it is an invaluable experience that will not only improve your playing and give you a good idea of how good you really are, but you get to meet some great people and have a fantastic time as well. 

Now I'm off to build some X-Wing lists with the lessons I learnt and the advice I was given. Fingers crossed that next time I will do much better!   



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