Today I've started work on the second half of my book cover illustrations. This second batch will be more focused upon supernatural/horror and fantasy over the sci-fi artwork of the last few. The first cover for this set is now finished and is called, Forgiven:

This cover is inspired by zombie survivor apocalypse kind of thing. As with the other covers it was important to focus on the character, set a scene and respect that the title and authors name will take about half to two thirds of the cover. This cover is also the first of the set I'm working on to not only feature a full character rendering, yet also multiple characters - the twenty-ish zombies in the background. 

Generally for a cover I avoid using a full character view, however it felt the right thing to do with this image as it allowed me to expand on the 'world view' with the background. 

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2016 


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