Fade To Black

Changing my art style halfway through my cover samples has generated two things, the first is a much better fitting style (in my opinion) to book/novel cover art, and two; my first few covers no longer fit the sample set. So, addressing this, I'm now having to go back and re-work or start again on those images. The first is a 'from scratch' of the 'lone male sci-fi soldier'. For this one, rather than re-create the first sample I rendered, I decided to go for something completely new. This one is called Fade to Black:

There are several sci-fi influences in this image, from the classic sci-fi war to the exo-power armour. I hit a point, as you do with most renderings, where you convinced things going wrong and you just half to hope for the best and push-on through this doubt. I believe this one came out okay in the end, despite my mid-render wobble. 

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2016



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