Even More Book Covers

I'm coming to the end of my current art project, which is to illustrate several sample book cover designs for my portfolio, and much like buses, nothing for a few days and then three come along all at once (it has been an odd sort of a week).

The first one is a re-work of a re-work called Night Soldiers:

This is the final artwork for a cover I've been working on that I just couldn't seem to get right.

Original cover artwork - Sort of!
The first rendering I really didn't like, so I clocked the image back a few layers and started again, and I still wasn't happy but decided to move on. Then the cover started to bug me, so I decided after a few days away from working on any art to take another stab at it, however, this time starting from scratch - much happier now.

The next sample cover is a fantasy design called Clash of Fire:

Originally the concept was to have a barbarian woman, a bit like Red Sonja, on the skull pile. Then I decided to take a different approach and actually put sensible armour on the female character and make her into a knight. 

The final cover for today is a spaceship design called Eternal Hunter

With this image I simple flipped the standard of alien spaceship chasing human spaceship and had the humans chase the aliens instead. This is a pretty simple design that I had to be careful not to get to get carried away adding to much detail to the spaceships - a bad habit I have from time-to-time. 

That's it for now, only three, maybe a fourth, to go.

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2016 


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