X-Wing, Nothing But X-Wing...

You have to say that title to the Star Wars music by the way. Yes, Fantasy Flight, you monkeys. You have possibly made a game more addictive than sugar (which is proven to be more addictive than cocaine, sugar that is - just a fun fact for you there). We've been playing a lot of X-Wing in the group of late, and the group is growing as well. Yes, X-Wing seems to be the hot game at the moment, so-much-so that it's attracting people to the gaming group. I'm genuinely having conversations that are instigated by people I know asking me, 'You play that X-Wing game right?'.

Anyway, the games are going great guns, several games taking place each week at this point. The guys in the group are now looking to take it to the next step, a campaign and designing our own missions. This element is still very much a work in progress, however, I will post updates as they shape up to something worth posting. For now though, here are some highlights in the form of trading cards from a whole series of games that took place over the last week or so. At one point there was eight of us playing four different games across the same long table - awesome stuff! 



That's it for X-Wing for now, there is another game planned soon, a bit more on that, and the campaign and home-brew missions as well hopefully next week. 


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