Dungeons & X-Wings

This week has been a bit of a mixed bag of gaming, we had a crack at an Epic sized Blockade Run with X-Wing and tackled the second quest in the Dungeon Saga campaign we are playing.

X-Wing was the first game of the week, where we used a 3x6 area to play the Blockade Run mission. The side 'running the blockade' was a 400 point mix of Scum and Rebels.

On the other end of the table holding the blockade we had some rather nasty Imperial forces.

The idea of a game of Blockade Run is for one side to escort several smaller shuttles, in this game we used four, off of the far table edge before the side holding the blockade destroys half or more of the shuttles, two for this game, before they can be escorted off of the table edge.

With this game the Imperial side holding the blockade had a smaller force than the 'runners' of 300 points. However, as the Imperial TIEs were pinged off of the table, they would keep returning at the far end as Academy Pilot TIEs (the lower skilled TIE pilots in the game).

The game was also a bit of an experiment to gauge how a Blockade Run would work on this scale, to figure out the tweaks such as how long the game would take, did we need more or less points, smaller playing area, maybe more shields on the shuttles? That sort of thing.

In the end we ran out of time to bring the game to any firm conclusion as to who had won/lost. However, we did learn a lot: This game would have worked better with a smaller play area, a 3x3 over a 6x3. This would have applied some pressure to both sides and increased the pace (it was turn three before a single shot was fired, and turn four before the first ship was shot down). The reduction in play area would also force consideration to slightly smaller forces on both sides as well. The second bump in the road we identified was that the four shuttles being escorted through the blockade each packed six shields and six hull points, this made them very difficult for Imperial TIE Fighters to shoot down. However, it would be conceivable that this number of shields and hull points would be fine for Rebel force to attack with their fire power packing a bigger punch via X-Wing fighters over the more 'lighter' shooting Imperial TIE fighters.

In conclusion, an awesome game and with these few tweaks next time this mission will be a real blast!

Also this week we managed to squeeze in the second quest for our campaign with Mantic Games Dungeon Saga. The second quest has our heroes adventuring through the Necromancers dungeon and encountering their first large monster - a Zombie Troll! 

The quest guidelines suggested the Heroes should split up into two teams, and whilst one distracts and fights the troll, the other group make a dash to complete the quest - by finding the exit to this section of the dungeon.

This idea worked fine to begin with until one of the two entrances into the main room became blocked by an armoured zombie that simply refused to die, preventing the first group of Heroes from progressing any further. Then the second entrance became blocked by the zombie troll holding up the second group of Heroes!

That is How You Roll Combat Dice! 
Time running out for the Heroes to complete the quest, Danor the Human Wizard, as with a previous game and also being the weakest, became singled out by the DM's minions (Dungeon Master) and started quickly losing health points - if he was removed from play, the game was up for the Heroes. The pressure was on the plucky band of Heroes to pull something special out of the bag. So, in a desperate move both Orlaf the Barbarian and Madriga the Elven Ranger used their once a game special skills to clear the way for the Heroes to progress - a gamble that paid off and saved the Heroes bacon!

With a mad dash for the exit by Orlaf the Barbarian and some luck by Danor the Wizard using his a potion of healing, the Heroes managed to live long enough to defeat the Zombie Troll (Trolls have the evil Regeneration rule that means that even if you smush them to hell they can still get back up and fight) and make it to the exit in the final turn of the game - thus completing the quest by the skin of their teeth!

This second quest demanded a much more tactical approach than the last, and throughout the whole game there was a considerable amount of pressure on the Heroes. The next quest has the gang facing some new minions in the shape of ghosts and the first 'boss' type character in the form of a Elshara the Elven Banshee.  

In conclusion, really loved this quest and as a group we are really loving Dungeon Saga. So-much-so that one of the group has already picked up the expansion set that allows you to build your own characters and quests - so we are all very much looking forward to going a bit bonkers with our own stories and characters! 



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