Dungeon Saga The Quest Continues

Dungeon Saga has really become popular with the guys in my gaming group, so-much-so that over the last few weeks we have not only completed three whole quests, but also gained more players. Taking a break from dungeon crawling this week I thought it would be a good idea to post an update.

Currently the group of heroes are working their way through the nine quests that make up the first book of Dungeon Saga, The Dwarf Kings Quest. So far the group of heroes have only failed to complete one of the quests, as this was a short introduction quest we decided at the time not to replay and get stuck into main adventure.

A lot has happened in these quests, so I figured pictures speak louder than words. With that in mind here are some highlights from the three successfully completed quests in the style of trading cards:

One of the great things about Dungeon Saga is that as the quests grow in size, complexity and difficulty so does your experience and the abilities of the Heroes. A great example of this is that a single zombie troll in the second quest caused no end of problems for the Heroes. However, in the forth quest two zombie trolls and a zombie troll shaman (a character in his own right) were not so tricky to defeat. 

So far the Heroes have stood their ground against skeletons, zombies, trolls, banshees and ghosts and are forming a really solid formula of battling through the minions and bosses whilst staying true to the quest. A simple glance at the next quest shows that the dungeon is about to go up a big notch in the quest stakes and might prove to be the first of the main adventure quests that might just beat the group and force a replay.

In conclusion, as a group we are very much loving Mantic Games's Dungeon Quest. One of the group has already picked up a copy of the 'build your own adventures and heroes' expansion that gives you the rules to build and develop your own characters and adventures. We're planning to get stuck into this once we have the first set of adventures completed. At which time I think a few of us will be trading in the standard Heroes that came with the Dwarf Kings Quest to make our own.

If there is one thing this game needs with that starter set is a Dungeon Master screen for the Overlord who controls the dungeon. More than once a surprise has been spoilt by the wondering eye of a Hero player over the Overlords maps and guides. Taking a proactive step, a screen has been purchased for the next quest and our next DM (We take it in turns) is very much in control for the next game...


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