Scarred and Severed Souls

About a year ago I completed some cover artwork for a book called Scarred Soul by the awesome L J Brown:

Here is the Amazon preview:

Red Brennan lived in the same town of Boston Heath all her life. At seventeen and on her second year at college she thought that life would have improved, but she was still being bullied, seeing apparitions and only had her best friend Anastasia to confide in. 

Visibly scarred when she was two, Red spent her life distancing herself from everybody and avoiding the verbal abuse from Bernadette, her lifelong tormentor. Suffering from a social stutter she relied heavily on Anastasia as both her protector and her communicator. 

That was until she met Jaxx. He was her saviour and her soul mate. The day he rescued her from Bernadette’s public humiliation was the day her life changed forever. 

When the nightmares started, that was what Red took them for, but when her nightmares started to bleed into reality, Red realised that there was something more menacing occurring and the apparitions that she was through her life were not what they seemed. 

Red finds herself in the fight for her life, for her family and her friends. Can Red build up the courage to fight against an existence in hell or will she give in to her Demon. 

Scarred Soul is a very highly rated book and is available from Amazon and if you like your books supernatural in style, go grab a copy now. So, why am I talking about a book cover I worked on over a year ago? Well, it's because the second book, Severed Soul, has just been published and has a dazzling cover by me:

Severed Soul is the second book in the series and is now availble from Amazon, here is the preview:

With Red gone, Jaxx, determined to get her back, turns to his friends and the Brethren for help. 
He puts his life aside to travel to the depths of hell to find his soul mate, but finds that the journey is a lot more complicated than he expected. 

With new friendships forged and a prophesy threatening his goal, Jaxx’s determination to conquer Red’s Demon, Redivivus is at the forefront of his mind but with the Devil himself getting involved. The ending isn't necessarily the one he set out for 

One of the things I really enjoy about working on these covers is that they are a break from my usual artwork style, also the author, Laura, is fantastic to work with when working on the designs. Keep your eyes open for a breakdown of the original design work and how the cover came to life over the next few days here on my blog. 

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2016


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