Red Three Standing By...

In continuation of my X-Wing project to custom paint my Fantasy Flight X-Wing miniatures to match those of the original movies, I tackled the two outstanding members of my Red Squadron, Biggs and Wedge. 

Here they are 'out of the box' and ready for a new paint job.

First off I painted out the original details with a coat of white-grey and then washed both fighters in a 50/50 mix of black wash and medium.

While the wash dried, it can take 30-40 minutes depending on room temperature and thickness of the coating, I invested the time painting the base colours for a B-Wing (Bladewing) custom paint job to match that of the prototype recently shown in the Star Wars Rebels TV show that I'm also working on (I'll post this later in the week). 

Once the wash was dry I decided to start with Biggs first, his X-Wing has a really cool paint scheme and I think is the one I like the most of the three fighters.

Biggs's X-Wing has some really cool yellow markings on the engines, guns and wings. Once I had applied this I moved on to adding the red markings.

Biggs's call sign in the movie is Red Three, so the last thing I add with the red paint are the three stripes on each wing denoting his call sign.

From there on it is a simple and quick process of adding the final details for the astromech, kill markings and the cockpit. 

Job done, now on to Wedge.

Wedge has the least amount of detailing on his X-Wing, it is just a mix of red markings and the usual astromech, cockpit and weathering with a large kill marking on the hull (if you play X-Wing you'll know that this is pretty much true for his form, Wedge is a monster at popping TIEs out of the sky).

I started by adding the red markings, there are very few of these on his fighter, also Wedge's call sign is Red Two, so I added the two red stripes to reflect this on the wings or 'S-Foils'. 

Then it was just a case of adding the final details of the astromech, cockpit, kill markings and weathering. (I'm going to point out here that I really didn't like the way the kill markings came out, so I repainted them later).

BOOM! One Red Two X-Wing ready to kick some Imperial butt.

Here are some shots of my new Red Squadron, all ready to take on the Empire!

Left to right as you look at the image: Red Two (Wedge), Red Five (Luke) and Red Three (Biggs). 

Next time when I take a peek into painting X-Wing miniatures I'll be looking at my custom B-Wing (Bladewing).

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2016


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