Red Leader

I was meant to be painting some toys last night, but one thing led to another and I felt like working on a new t-shirt instead - it's been awhile since my last. It has also been awhile since I painted any pin up girl art as well. So, I thought why not, and put painting the toys off for another time. 

This is one design I've been toying with painting on-and-off now for sometime, Red Leader:

I've seen a few pin up girls illustrated for Star Wars. However, I haven't found one yet that was a 'classic' 30/40s style nose art pin-up. I didn't really base this design on any existing nose art that I'm aware of, I just used my knowledge and experience of illustrating classic pin-up girls to just 'go-for-it'.    

I already have in mind a design for both a Bounty Hunter and an Imperial pin-up girl. If time is permitting over the next few weeks I will see what they turn out like. For now, here are the links for this design in my Redbubble shop:

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2016


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