Red Five Standing By

Currently I'm in the process of custom painting my Red Squadron of X-Wings miniatures for Fantasy Flights X -Wing game, which by the way is an awesome tabletop game. I have three T65 X-Wings in my squadron and being a huge fan of the movies I went for Luke , Wedge and Biggs for the look of the star-fighters. 

Now, for those of you who don't play X-Wing, your missing out. Also, you may not be aware that the miniatures arrive pre made and painted, something of a rarity in the hobby world of tabletop gaming. The thing is, if you are uber-nerd like me, you don't want your fighters all looking the same. So I got to work on custom painting the miniatures. 

First off was Luke's X-Wing:

If you look at the picture, you'll notice that these are two very different looking X-Wings. The one in the distance is the 'as it comes' X-Wing, and the one closest is the finished custom painted Luke Skywalker X-Wing. 

Now, I knew that Luke's X-Wing had more detail and some different markings on it. However, until I pulled out my Star Wars reference books (I know, but I argue that as I'm an artist I need them for reference for my work) I didn't realise just how different his fighter was when compared to the one in the box. So very quickly I decided to start from scratch!

Here is a closer view of the 'out of the box' X-Wing:

The first thing to do was get a good base colour on the model, Luke's X-Wing is  white/grey. Once I got that on (which takes about a minute as the miniatures are so tiny!) I then used a thin layer of a black wash to get the detail back into all those awesome panels and funky engine parts. 

The next step took about fifteen minutes, and that was adding the details such as markings, weathering and the cockpit detail.

One of the cool things, and fiddly-fiddly-tricksy things as well, was adding the Red Five markings. Here is a nerdy bit for you, most people are aware that Luke's call sign in Star Wars is Red Five. If you check the wings, or S-Foils, on the X-Wing in the film you will notice that they are marked to match the call sign. In Luke's case he has five red bars, or stripes, on the back of the wing. These were more tricky to paint than the blue markings for R2-D2 (who is about the size of a pencil point)!

I also added some weathering such as chipped paint, dirt and blaster burns (carbon scoring ;0) ) and added a gloss varnish to the cockpit to give it a bit of a shine, which is a contrast to the dirty and scuffed rest of the ship.

For my first X-Wing custom paint job, I think it came out really well. Next onto Wedge and Biggs, but first I'm going to tackle my 'Huge' ship, the Rebel Transporter. I say huge, it is about the size of a medium shoe. 

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2016


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