Comics, Comics Everywhere!

Two awesome pieces of comic related news today that had me dancing like a school girl on sugar, the new Suicide Squad trailer dropped - and it's AWESOME! I think I'm also now in love with Harley Quinn more than ever after this trailer:

If that wasn't a big enough slice of awesome, Jonah Hex has just been announced to be joining DCs TV Show, Legends of Tomorrow - and I LOVE the Jonah Hex comics! Ever since my disappointment with the Jonah Hex movie I've had my fingers crossed waiting to see if there would be another attempt to bring this brilliant character to life. I'm just hoping that they do his character justice, and I have no reason with DCs current form with their TV shows to believe otherwise.   

For those who don't know who Jonah Hex is; Jonah is a morally ambiguous gunslinger from the good old Wild West, a real Clint Eastwood Good, the Bad and the Ugly cowboy with a chip on his shoulder, and he is brilliant. I picked up a Jonah Hex comic years ago at a comic convention not really sure what to expect. The following week I ended up hitting my comic supplier for every issue I could get my hands on and adding the ongoing title to my pull list! So, as you can imagine, very excited!  


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