Bladewing Fighter

Catching up with season two of Star Wars Rebels over the holidays was awesome, what a great show it is turning into. One thing that I'm really loving are the ships and some of the space battles that we are starting to see. One episode recently involved the prototype Bladewing, or as most of us know it, the B-Wing Heavy Fighter.

Being a huge fan of the B-Wing already, this episode left me in need of some fresh socks - the ones I was wearing blown clean off my feet! Not only that, it gave me a need to paint one of my B-Wings from my X-Wing fleet in the striking colour scheme that has been used in the show.

Above is a screen capture from the show of the B-Wing fighter and the Star Wars Rebels colour scheme. Normally the B-Wing is depicted in a white/grey with two deep red spots on the wings - nothing wrong with this, in fact I have two B-Wings in my X-Wing fleet, and the one I have kept in the original colour scheme is this very one (white/grey with the two red spots). 

First off, for the custom paint job, I had to get rid of the white/grey body that the 'out-of-the-box' toy comes with.

Above is the 'out-of-the-box' toy, it's a good colour scheme, but I really wanted the Star Wars Rebels look! (If you're curious, this miniature is from the Rebels Aces set from Fantasy Flight).

Not wanting to make this more work than it needed to be, I started by painting the body only where I needed to an orange/red colour (you'll have to take my word for it as the photo has darkened the colour a little, partly as the paint was still a little 'wet' when I took the snap).

The next step was to add the grey to the body and the key areas, again to save a little time only applying where I needed to, and also from here on in just assume that the photos make the colours look darker than they are in the real world.

The next two steps, in this order, was to add the darker grey to the guns and parts of the engine, followed by the almost white grey trim.

Just to finish with (I had to improvise a little here as the model is slightly different in design to the prototype  design in the episode) I added the yellow high lights to the body and wings.

Once the base colours were added, it was time to give the whole ship a wash of strong tone 'ink' wash - this picks out the details and blends the base colours together.

Once the wash was dry, it was time to add the final details and tidy the over washed areas. When using a wash they can be a little unpredictable on how they will dry and colour the areas they have been used upon. The last thing I added was a gloss varnish to the cockpit to give it a nice shiny finish.

Here is the finished B-Wing, or Bladewing prototype:

If you play X-Wing, or have some knowledge of the game, you may also note that the B-Wing is set to a 'slant' rather than 'flat -T-' as the original model sits. This is by design, sort of. I snapped the peg at the back of the miniature when mounting it with my butter fingers, I was being a bit heavy handed at the time. Being one to capitalise on things like this, I turned it into a happy accident and re-mounted the model at an angle to give it more of a sweeping look. To do this involved a bit a jiggery-pokery with some Blu-Tac to hold the parts in place and a small blob of super-glue.

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2016


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