The Exterminator!

The new series of Doctor Who was only a week away and feeling inspired I decided to draw a Dalek. Not any old Dalek however, something a bit more fun - because what can be more fun than a Dalek coming at you? Let me tell you, a Dalek coming at you shouting, 'Exterminate!' that's what. From this concept and a love of the Terminator movie, The Exterminator was born:

I used my fave style of art (black and white) for illustrating this image, and then for giggles added a splash of red and blue to finish the look off. The Dalek's appearance is based upon one of the older more 'classic' designs from back in the day - yes I'm old and I also remember having the toy when I was a kid, and some may argue that I still am kid and what's changed. The general look of the image is based on the classic 'monster' coming out of the smoke and shadows, and just for effect and flare with added red flashes from the original Terminator poster art. 

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2015


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