Mass Murder As A Hobby?

It has been a while since I designed some new t-shirts for my RedBubble shop, so without skipping a beat I delved into my big bumper book of t-shirt ideas (I have note books scattered everywhere throughout my home and I always take one with me wherever I go due to a constant nagging fear I have of forgetting a good idea if I don't write it down somewhere safe) and picking one or two of the ideas I set to work.  

The first design is based around some artwork I created a few years ago and a play on words that popped into my head randomly one afternoon. This first design is called, Heroes are Made...

For this design I went back to a 'comic book' or graphic art style for the look. The artwork is inspired by the Warhammer 40,000 universe, and for the keen eyed of you you may notice an eagle wing behind the armour on the right of the image. This was added towards the end of the artwork as the concept of the 'Angels of Death' popped into my head. The reason I bring this up is that this late addition directly inspired a thought that in turn inspired the next design I went on to create, Peace is our profession...  

This one kind of speaks for itself and oddly the hardest thing about this design was getting the colours balanced with one-another, there only six (not including the black) in the image, but man it took an age to get the mix right in so that it didn't look pants!

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2015



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