Octobriana is Coming!

One of the things I've been working on recently is a cover for a book called Octobriana: The Underground History. If you don't know who Octobriana is, you could do a quick internet search. Or, what would be better would be to pop over to the Kult Creations site and get an informed insight into her bonkers world. Why the Kult Creations site? Well, glad you asked. Kult Creations are going to be publishing Octobriana: The Underground History and here is a little bit about the book in the words of the author John A. Short:

So what exactly is going to be in Kult Creation's new book about cult comix character - Octobriana? Firstly there is an in-depth analysis of the original 1971 book that launched the character in the West. Then there's the full story behind the creation of Petr Sadecky's book. Then a huge amount of detail about her every comic strip appearance since 1971 from 'The Adventures of Luther Arkwright' through to Trina Robbins' comic strip and webcomics. Analysis of the 2003 movie version and the audio adventures of the Russian Devil-Woman. OTUH will also cover the David Bowie and Billy Idol connections and other obscure and mysterious inspirations for and tributes to the Spirit of the October Revolution! Also, I brand new 34 page, full colour comic strip adventure featuring the character's origin (written by John A. Short and illustrated by Gabby Noble.) We might even have a few surprise guest illos by artists with an industry profile. The whole book will run to around 120 pages.   

I had an absolute awesome time working on the cover for this book, not only was the world of Octobriana right up my street for all things I love when it comes to comic book characters. However, John (John A. Short) was just amazing with his ideas, support and just generally being brilliant when it came to my work.

Until the book is published, which will be very-very soon (watch this space), I can't display the cover. What I can do though is share one of the images I created during the process. This is just one example of where John's insight and brilliant feedback helped turn some sketches into a fantastic final image:

Once the book goes live I will be posting more about Octobriana: The Underground History, along with the artwork I worked on along with the lessons I learnt in the process. 

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2015



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