Tuesday's Child is Full of Grace

HERE IS The second pin-up for my calendar for this year (well, next year, I'm working on the artwork now). This one is inspired by the poem Tuesday's Child. One of the things I'm liking about using this well known poem to create some of the artwork for the calendar is that I'm learning the real meaning behind the phrasing. Tuesday's child is a great example of, 'it's not what you think it is'.

HERE IS The line from the poem, ’Tuesday’s Child is full of grace…’

AND HERE Is the artwork step-by-step, reference photo to final image:

Reference photo by Marcus J. Ranum

Black and white painting

Final image

OKAY, SO Not what you might be expecting, and here is why. The origin of the line in the poem is from the day, Tues, or Tyr – the Norse God of War who is related to the Roman God of War, Mars whom Tuesday is named after. The grace refers to, ‘Physical Grace’ and not social or spiritual grace. Plus there is also an implied bit of fighty to the grace as well.

THE REFERENCE Photo is by Marcus J. Ranum, and can be found HERE along with all of his other awesome photography.

NEXT IS Wednesday's child, which I'll be honest if you know the poem pulls very little surprises in its origins. 

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2015


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