Some Awesome Throw Pillows

I'VE BEEN A keen photographer for a while, and I thought it was about time I made some of my work available that I liked as prints. While I was working on this this I had a few designed as throw pillows - loved them instantly, and as they say, 'the rest is history...'

This one is simply called: Duck!

As with the previous one, this one is just called: Giraffe

This one has a slightly longer title of: Inside the Tardis of the 10th Doctor - and, this is absolutely a photograph taken by me when I was on the set of Doctor Who back a few years ago. 

Little Monkey is the name I went for with this one, that is a part of a car he's chewing!

Ring Tailed Lemur - love these guys. 

Servants of Decay, this one is a photo of some models that I put together, painted and then posed and photographed. 

This one is simply called: Spring Flower.

MORE PHOTOS Coming soon, as well as some more design work, pin ups and war gaming.

   Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2015


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