Monday's Child - The Snow Queen

IT MUST Be a week for me revisiting some of my art and taking a second spin on the concept! As happy as I am with my last pin-up, it didn't quite hit the spot that I was looking for. The one I'm referring to is Monday's Child. So, having a hunt about for inspiration I stumbled across a photograph by Marcus J. Ranum that I really liked and so I had another stab at it:

The original photo by M.J.Ranum

My Black and White Painting

The final coloured painting

I'M MUCH Happier with this painting, it's more in line with what I had in mind for the calendar pin-ups that I'm working on. I'm almost finished now with Tuesday's child, which has taken a very interesting turn as well. Here is a reminder of the inspiration for Monday's child: ’Monday’s child is fair of face’ – Origins in the Moon, Mon = Moon, Moon with its, ‘face’. Like I said, much happier :0D

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2015


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