An'ggrath the Unbound Daemon Lord of Khorne

AN'GGRATH THE Unbound has to be, hands down, my favorite daemon in my army. He is absolutely terrifyingly awesome to play with and to look at.

daemon Lord Anggrath the Unbound Shoulder CU  

FOR THOSE That have yet to have the pleasure of meeting An'ggrath, here is some info about his character: An'ggrath the Unbound, the Guardian of the Throne of Skulls, Most Favoured of Khorne, Lord of Bloodthirsters and the Deathbringer is the mightiest Bloodthirster yet summoned from the warp, and Khorne's most favoured servant. His name is only whispered among the Inquisitors of the Ordo Malleus and the ranks of the Grey Knights, for it invokes dread in even the greatest of the Emperor's heroes.

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AMONG THE Ranks of Khorne's daemons, An'ggrath is one of the greatest and most revered. After the treachery of his once-favoured champion Skarbrand, Khorne created An'ggrath to be the ultimate expression of war and destruction. Although greater than Skarbrand in almost every respect, the two daemons do have a furious rivalry and hatred of one another. But, Khorne has decreed that the old and the new champions will never face each other in combat, as the sheer volume of bloody tributes that they both inflict in his name are far too valuable to lose.

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IN THE Past 10,000 years, An'ggrath has only been summoned forth from the warp on two occasions. Those that attempt to summon him must have first pleased Khorne with their devotion and slaughter. Few would dare attempt it. Those that do attempt to summon An'ggrath risk Khorne's displeasure and wrath. Both successful summonings have resulted in terrible destruction to the Imperium. Worlds have fallen beneath An'ggrath's cloven hooves before the Grey Knights were able to stop his rampage.

Daemon Lord Anggrath the Unbound copy

THE SECOND And most recent summoning of An'ggrath was the result of a coalition of daemomancers during the latter stages of the Siege of Vraks. While Lord Zhufor of the Skulltakers warband had been blessed by Khorne with the true name of the daemon he did not have the resources to summon An'ggrath; thus he entered into alliance with the daemomancers of The Sanctified in order to summon the greater daemon. Though An'ggrath was eventually summoned at the height of the Vraks campaign, he was defeated by a force of Grey Knights led by Inquisitor Lord Hector Rex who banished him in personal combat with the artifact-sword Arias.

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PAINTING AN'GGRATH Is a challenge, and that is after you have spent a headache and a half putting this huge model together, An'ggrath is the biggest model I have in my collection - even bigger that my Warhound Titan! I had to use a lot of black spray to base paint the guy, then it was just a case of building layer-upon-layer of colour. For this model I decided to stick to three basic colours, red, black and bronze - the three most important colours if you are a fan of Khorne.


PLAYING WITH An'ggrath is amazing fun and scary for your opponents. His characteristics are incredible, WS 10, S 10, W 8, Sv 2+ and 3++ for example! This is even before you take into account he's special rules and that he is a flying gargantuan creature. Quite simply An'ggrath is a monster in every respect of the word, his only weakness is when he's flying, he could with a lucky shot tank on a few wounds as he crashes into the ground. Other than that, embrace his war like spirit and get him up front and vector striking and assaulting for all he is worth. An'ggarath will destroy a full unit of ANYTHING every turn in hand-to-hand. My advice is just not to hold back, get him in there and keep him there, and even though he is a bullet magnet and will tank on a few wounds it is very unlikely you'll see him go out the game.

daemon Lord Anggrath the Unbound Axe

AN'GGRATH THE Unbound costs 888 points - apt for a Khorne daemon, and in my opinion worth every one of them, and the same goes for the actual cost of the model form Forge World.  

AND JUST 'Cos I'm in to my pillows at the moment:

Who doesn't want one of these on their sofa!

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2015


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