Samurai Cowgirl

WELL, IN My last post I mentioned that I have a couple of commissions to finish off before starting on some of my own projects. Always trying to stay uber-efficient I thought I would kill two birds with one stone. One of the commissions I'm working on is a anime/manga illustration of some characters, and after much head scratching and learning how not to illustrate toon styled artwork digitally, I chucked in the towel and grabbed my drawing gear from the dusty home it now has lived for the last few years - my attic.

WOULDN'T YOU Know it, within five whole minutes with a pen a bit of paper I'd cracked something that with my PC and Photoshop I couldn't do in ten hours of effort. There is a lesson in there somewhere. So, now happy with the toon styling and the commission underway it got me thinking about one of my future projects, and so I bashed this together. For two reasons, one is that I needed the drawing practice for a character I'm thinking of using, and two is that I needed to find a good way to get a 'real' image into my PC for colouring that didn't have a large negative impact on the look of it.

THIS TURNED Out to be a straightforward process of taking a picture of the line drawing on my phone, email to myself and then download it onto my PC for colouring. I'm pleased to say this worked fantastically. If you followed on online comic I used to write and illustrate a few years ago you might just recognise who the girl is.

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2014


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