Fracking Earthquakes

FRACKING, IT'S A hot topic in the UK at the moment as the government forge ahead with some misguided plans to set-up 'fracking' drill sites all across our beautiful countryside. What has this got to do with me? Well, a few things. One, I'm strongly apposed to it, as for a way of generating energy it is totally dumb (I can rant on this point for hours, just take it from me that it is dumb). Two, I live in the beautiful countryside, and when I was a kid and used to live by the seaside, nothing spoiled the view more than when a dirty great-big oil rig appeared on the horizon and not only ruined the view, but the wildlife as well - I have no desire to see a fracking drill rig appear on my horizon in the future now I live in the countryside repeating that depressing experience. Three, fracking is risky, just read the guff online (or in a book, you'll get that one in a second) - fracking is against the law in some countries! Finally, and I guess politically the least important, I've just illustrated a cover for a book about fracking called, 'Fracking Earthquakes' (yes, it does cause earthquakes as well as poison the environment). Here it is:

THIS ARTWORK Might look to be a bit heavy handed in it's message, I'm going to add though that every part of it has been inspired by photos taken in areas that have fracking, the girl walking the dog in a mask, the ruptured farm land, the 'fireball' drilling rig, even the warning posted fence line - if you do a simple image based search for fracking you'll find all these images and more in abundance.However, fracking is dumb - just remember that...

...OH, AND Buy the book as well (I'll post some links once it's available, which should be soon).  

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2014



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