Attack of Swamp Thing!

A SHORT Post today about my latest conversion for Grim Dark (WH40k). If you follow my blog you'll be aware that I run a pretty big (15,000+ points) Chaos army, and of the 'fractions' within that army that is steadily expanding at the moment is my Nurgle/Death Guard units. I'm right in the middle of painting some Plague Bearer daemons right now - so a post on them soonish. However, today I'm looking at my recently converted Chaos Helbrute of Nurgle.


THIS MODEL Started out life as the Dark Vengeance Helbrute, I'll be blown if I'm paying out for the new in the box ones from GW. So. I went to ebay, picked up an on the sprure one from the dark Vengeance set for less than £10 including P&P (£33 to buy the GW in the box one). While I was at it I had a rummage about my bitz box and dug-out a Dreadnought Autocannon and some spare Nurglings and a spare Nugle Plague Bearer head (the one like a fly's head) plus a few other Nurgle looking bitz.


THE NEXT thing to do was to glue it altogether in a pleasing way, glob PVA glue in places and scatter modelling sand on the glue (this gives it the rusted and corroded look).


THEN I Sprayed the whole thing Chaos black.


THE NEXT Job was to dry brush the pants off of it (I like dry brushing, it's a quick way to paint and it has a nice texture to it as well). This started as a heavy layer of Caliban Green, and then is gradually lighter layers of dry brushing, Castellan Green, Death World Green and Elysian Green. Here is where I go a bit off on a weird direction with the colour pallet, next a light layer, dry brushed, of Rakarth Flesh followed by a very-very light dry brush of Pallid Wych Flesh.


FINALLY I Add the details with the GW technical paints for rust, which are awesome by the way, and pick out the bone and other areas. I finish off by 'dabbing' some Nurgle Rot (another technical paint) around the ends of the pipes, etc... to make it look like he has a bit of leakage....



Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2014



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