Assassin Girl with Dragon Balls

JUST A Quick post today, I have a few more to do over the next few days, so be sure to pop back. Anyway, to the point, this is meant to be a quick post after all! I'm just starting work (possibly as it is still in the starting phase) on a poster of some manga/anime characters. Now, I'm more than a bit pants at this style of art, I've tried - oh boy have I tried to nail it. So far though with some, but mostly little, success. So I have proposed that I stick to my style of art and illustrate the characters my way and see how they turn out. So, this is my first go at it. This one is just a test piece that I made up as I was painting. I've simply called it Assassin Girl:

THIS THEN Got me to doing a quick colour sketch of one of the characters for the poster Goku (from Dragon Ball Z):

SO FINGERS Crossed some more manga/anime characters coming soon, along with which will be a full-on render of Goku.

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2014


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