That Bloated Feeling

MY WAR Gaming group has recently started 'up-scaling' to include some apocalypse sized stuff in their armies. There is now a Baneblade, an Ork Stompa or two, a growing collection of Imperial Knights, and with Games workshop and Forgeworld bashing out more kits that land in this super-size-me realm I thought it was time to join in.

WHERE TO Start though?

I USED To run a couple of armies, Dark Eldar, dabbled very briefly with some Dark Angels and mostly play a large Chaos army. Recently, however, I have streamlined down to just the one Chaos army, and by 'streamlined' I mean just the 15,000 points of Chaos Space Marines, Daemons and Renegades that make up the army.

I TOYED With the idea of converting an Imperial Knight for a long time, then thought it needed to be much more than that, and having just read Dan Abnett's book Titanicus, I started to dream BIG - Titan big!

THEN REALITY Hit, and I thought, 'What am I going to do with a Titan?'. That Idea got rapidly dropped. So, I picked up the recent copy of Forgeworld's Imperial Armour: Apocalypse book and got reading the Chaos section. Oh-my, is there some amazing and wonderful toys in there! A plan started to form, and purchase of some very pretty toys have started.

MY FIRST Super-size-me unit is a Daemon Lord, Scabeiathrax the Bloated, and here is why (other than I have a big Nurgle chunk in my army); he is simply 777pts of vomiting, farting and puss leaking murder on two stumpy legs that is harder than hell to kill anytime soon. Seriously, most weapons can't even wound him, and if that's not enough to convince you. He is such a blighted, stinky rotting lump that just by being near him you start to wither and die!

FOR ME As an artist there is also another reason, the Forgeworld model (like most of them) is a thing of beauty. This thing took me a few sessions to paint, which is something as I'm one of those annoying guys (according to my gaming group at least) that speed paints my way through stuff quite quickly. The reason Scabby took awhile to paint was that I took a different tactic than normal and used lots of thined down paints and washes to paint him. Here he is:

Daemon Lord of Nurgle

Daemon Lord of Nurgle

Daemon Lord of Nurgle

Daemon Lord of Nurgle

Daemon Lord of Nurgle

I DECIDED That washes and the brown/green colour pallet was the best way forward with Scabby as I'm really not a big fan of the mix of rotted green flesh with bright red blood and guts on Nurgle models. It's a common sense thing to me, when do you see a corps that rotted and festering bleeding? I also really like the effect the layering-upon-layer of thin layers of different colours has had on the model, the bruising around some of the wounds for example is a few layers of Druchii Violet and Drakenhof Nightshade blended and layered together had a fantastic effect.

SO WHO Is next on my list of Super-Size-Me upgrades for my Chaos horde? Well, happy that you asked. It is none other than the Daemon Lord An'Ggrath the Unbound.He is already mostly assembled and undercoated, and unlike with Scabby, I plan to take plenty of photos of the whole process so you can see how I either successfully (or unsuccessfully) I pulled the painting together for him. I'll also look at the thought process of adding this monster of a Daemon Lord to my army in that post as well.


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