Book Jackets

THERE IS A phrase you don't hear very often, 'book jackets'. Anyway, I've been away for a few weeks, mostly as I've just got married - which is ace! Art wise I've been working on a load of stuff, my shop has a mountain of new designs for t-shirt/sticker/posters and other groovy stuff available (I'll blog about this later in the week). Also I'm toying with the idea of blogging about some of my other creative pass times, mostly my addiction to wargaming  (such as WH40k) and the hobby side of that.

HOWEVER, THIS Post is about the two book jackets, or covers if you want to be all modern about it, I've recently finished. The first one is for a book called Scarred Sole, it's a young adult novel that has a bit of a old world myth and magic about it:

THE SECOND Cover is one I have already posted for a book I'm currently illustrating some further work for the interior. We decided (the author and I) that the book could do with a full wrap cover, this came about as I have illustrated another book for the same writer in the past and had produced a full wrap cover then, or as I like to call them - a book jacket.

THE MAIN Issue was that I had already painted the 'front' cover. So, with some fab-o skills I managed to seamlessly blend a back/spine/and the already existing front cover into one new and improved full wrap book jacket. So, here is the jacket for Witchmania:

SO, CLEARLY A-bit of a fire theme in both, not sure what that says about my state of mind when I painted them. Anyone who follows my work may also notice I've gone for a more 'photo-real' look for these two, more over the 'painted' look I've been using in my work recently. Entirely my choice, it just felt the right direction to take these images in.

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2014


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