Two Little Words That Mean A lot

ODDLY NOT, ‘I love you. Which I know is really three, yet the phrase does contain two magic words, ‘Love you’. Like I said, not the two words I’m talking about, although these two do make you feel good when you hear them. No, I’m talking about, ‘Thank you’.

TA, CHEERS, Sorted, Nice One, Thanks, Thank You!

THEY ARE Two brilliant words when you put them together like that aren't they, ‘Thank you’.

WHAT A Great feeling these two words generate, it’s always good to be on the receiving end of some genuine gratitude. Think about those times when you worked really hard at something and someone said a heartfelt, ‘Thank you’. Sometimes it is not even then, sometimes just a simple wave of a hand from another drive as you let them pull out of a busy junction. It’s a fantastic feeling, that recognition for all your effort. Just some food for thought, interestingly, 100% of people* would feel more appreciated if they were thanked.

SO WHAT Does that last bit say about us? 100% of people would feel more appreciated if they were thanked. Have a think about how you feel when someone didn't say thank you. It is a horrible sensation isn't it. You may even start to question, 'why did you bother?'.

WE SPEND A big chunk of our childhood having our parents drilling in to us our, ‘Ps and Qs’, I know I spend time with my children just getting the basics of saying, ‘Please’ and, ‘Thank you’. So, when does that stop? What part of becoming an adult has said to us, ‘It’s now fine to simply accept things as a given’, that it is, ‘fine to not say thank you’.

WE LIVE In a world where we crave communication, yet we don’t talk, and by the same token we live in a world where we thrive on recognition and gratitude and we don’t give it. It’s a bit bonkers really when you think about.

SO I Would just like to take a moment to say a big thank you to everyone,

*UK – That’s where the survey was completed – either that or we’re terrible in the UK at saying thanks!


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