Lore: Folklore and Superstition

AS YOU May be aware, if you follow my blog, I spent a big part of last year illustrating a book called. Lore: Folklore and Superstition for a fantastic writer and all round guy, Fred Davis. Well, it is now available to buy from Amazon and, even if I do say-so-myself, is a fantastic book. Here is the overview:

'Lore is a book which explores folklore and superstitions; the echoes and remnants of which we still regularly encounter in our daily lives. ‘Lore’ meaning related to the oral tradition covers a wide range of tails and myths which have been passed down through the mists of time. 

The book covers subjects from Witchcraft, Cat Lore, Wedding Superstitions, Halloween, Dream meanings, as well as a glimpse into regional oddities in places in the UK like Wales, and the English Counties of Somerset, Devon, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Gloucestershire and Cornwall. 

Lore offers its readers an opportunity to look beneath the surface of tales of dragons, faeries, werewolf's and giants as well as offering visitors to England or Wales a travel companion that might just give you a scary camp-fire tale that has only just been rediscovered in this unique and heavily researched original work. 

Author Fred Davis MBE has written numerous books on local history, company and family histories as well as poetry and stories of hauntings and overnight stays in terrifying locations. Lore is the product of a life-long interest in all things ‘interesting’ and with so much to say, there is more to come. Known for his light story-telling style and original source research, Lore should not disappoint any of the wide audience to whom it will no doubt appeal.'

SO DON'T Forget to pick up a copy here:


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